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Chad Naujoks is a Certified Fine Art Boudoir Photographer, capturing amazing photos of Fiercely Feminine Women.

Fine Art Boudoir

Fine Art Boudoir is capturing the beauty of a woman (or man) in a way that anyone would be proud to display in their home or keep personal for their significant other.

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Fine Art Boudoir

Fine Art Boudoir takes the beauty of the subject and captures it in an artistic and time enduring fashion that you will be happy to share with everyone or keep to yourself and enjoy for years to come.

Abstract Boudoir

Abstract Boudoir is a way to have your boudoir images taken so that you can show off a piece of art that is your own in a public setting without worry that those viewing it will see too much or even recognize you in the image. These types  or of images are perfect for display in your living room or bedroom, printed large on canvas and mounted in a black or white wedge frame!

- Jackie

“What a fun experience! I was very excited about having my photo taken but being very shy I was a nervous wreck when I went to my session. Chad was so easy to work with and so reassuring that I was put at ease in no time. I would do it again in a heart beat. I love my photos and hey made me look and feel like I was a Victoria Secret model. I also used his makeup and hair stylist. She was great and made me look fantastic. I am recommending this photographer to everyone.”

- Beth

“Highly recommended to any woman! I had a chance to get a shoot done with Chad Naujoks and it was a BLAST!!! He was very professional, yet still laid back, which made getting my picture taken in my skivvies a breeze. He’s really great at bringing out your most beautiful attributes in a sexy and classy way. I highly recommend this to any women thinking about booking a session – it’s such an amazing confidence booster! I cannot say enough about it.”

- Angela

“I normally HATE getting my picture taken. Chad made it so comfortable and the session was like chatting with a friend, so relaxed and easy. He was able to catch my personality in the shots and really understood what I needed. Once it was time for the photo viewing, I thought I would be uncomfortable looking and picking out pictures of myself, but there were so many good ones to choose from I had a hard time choosing. Chad made the entire process painless. It was a great experience and I would would do it again. Thank you for everything Chad!”

Behind the Glass - Chad Naujoks

Hello! I am Chad Naujoks. I am a photographer, digital artist and web developer. I work with people to get images that show their true beauty and imagination. I strive to show everyone I photograph in a way they love to share with everyone or just their significant other, and sometimes just for themselves.

I started learning photography when I was young and over the years I have learned a lot and continue to learn more each day. If you would like to learn more about me and my photography please click below!


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Session Fee

The session fee is $299 and includes Makeup, up to three outfits and one hour of photography at the studio or at a location of your choice! 


Image Collections Starting At $597. We offer collections that include albums or multiple pieces of wall art to be mounted together.

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A La Carte Items / Digitals

Prints are available starting at $147 for pieces of wall art and two or three image folios. We also offer the full size digital images, either edited or not starting at $495.

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Beach Breeze Studios

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Virginia Beach, VA 23456

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