Hey Everyone! Today I wanted to start sharing with you the process we are going through looking for a new studio location!

   While we have been at the same studio location for about 4 years now, it has been a smaller studio and it was great until we decided to start working in Boudoir almost exclusively! We work with a lot more clients now in the studio than we ever had before and there are a lot of things that are missing in the studio that we would like to be able to offer to our clients. These are some of the things that we are looking at while we look through our options for a new studio.

   This is most likely going to be a multi-part thing while we go through the process of getting the new studio! There is a lot of stuff that I must learn along the way and would love to share with everyone while we go through it. I am sure there are a lot of others out there that will go through it and a lot of people that have gone through it and can give some good information to me and others that read this! At least that is what I am hoping.

   First, I wanted to let you know about the studio that we have right now and the things that I like and the many things that I don’t like about it! For a first studio when getting to know lighting better and testing out with models and figuring out your style this studio was a perfect place for that and it was cheap, it was large enough for lighting and playing with different setups. It also gave enough space to sit down with the clients and models to talk about the shoot and the resulting images.

   The small starter studio also had a small space to let the clients change into different outfits and do their makeup, but that wasn’t the best area for that. There wasn’t a door and it was still open to the rest of the room, it was blocked off with some standing room dividers and had a small makeup vanity and a full-sized stand-up mirror. I also use 6 multi-color LED Lighting to allow use to check makeup and what not in any type of light I may want to shoot in! That was a great feature. Still a few things weren’t as good as we needed them to be.

   The bathroom available to me was not inside the studio, you had to go outside and walk about 30 feet down to get to a small bathroom. That was not ideal at all! Also we didn’t have much room for a refrigerator to keep water and snacks in, we did have a sink and we set up a coffee maker, but we couldn’t have cold drinks in the studio. That would be the best to have a refrigerator and a pantry or something to keep snacks and store coffee and what not. There also was only one small closet for hanging clothes in and there was another small closet that had shelves in it that we could store a little bit of equipment.

   When you start growing a studio, you gather a lot of different equipment, putting all of this equipment somewhere is a must! Especially when you are doing a boudoir studio. You gather a bunch of furniture that you must be able to put away or bring out to make a scene for a client and it is crucial that it is available to you when you need it and not in the way when you don’t. A small studio, with just one room isn’t going to help you when you gather more than a few pieces of furniture and having just one bed will take a lot of space and will be extremely difficult to put together and take apart repeatedly.

   Another thing about this studio is that it is fully carpeted and on top of that it is a forest green carpet! This poses a lot more problems than I thought it would when I rented the place. For one, how hard is it to walk on carpet and pose in various poses in heels? I wouldn’t have known that! Sorry I don’t wear heels day in and out! I did find out quickly though with my first model! After that I created an 8 X 8 foot platform of reinforced plywood. It works well enough, but now there is something that the models can trip over.

   One of the things that models, and clients don’t think about with the green carpet is the reflection of the light in the room. If you get enough light bouncing around the room the green carpet will cast a green tint on the client. You must make sure that the light doesn’t get reflected off the floor and mess up a wonderful image for the customer.

   I think that is enough of a background! In the next portion of this post, I will talk more about what I am looking for and what you should be looking for in your first or even a new studio! There are a lot of different items to think about! Check back often or subscribe to the blog to know about new posts as they happen!