So, Here it is finally. The first post on the blog page for Beach Breeze Studios! We are still building the website and adding more information to help out those who are interested in our services, especially Boudoir and Abstract Boudoir or Fine Art Photography. Some of the things that we have noticed is a lot of questions about Abstract Boudoir! Well this post seeks to answer those questions!

What is Abstract Boudoir?

    Abstract Boudoir is more of a product than a service, though it does require a service to get the product created! Does that clear it up? Hahah, didn’t think it would! Abstract Boudoir is what we offer by taking one or more of the images that we get during the photo shoot that the client enjoys and we then work to make an abstract piece of artwork from the photograph. This can range from lightly abstracted where you can still tell most of what the image is and who it is of to fully abstracted to a piece that could be presented in a fine art museum and nobody would be able to tell who it is of, though they may be able to work out what it is if they look hard enough and use their imagination (kind of like the main image of this post above!).

How are Abstract Boudoir Images Created?

   This is a multi-part process that starts during the shoot itself. We keep the possibility of an abstract or fine art print in mind during the shoot and take a few shots that we believe would work great for this sort of product! We usually mention these shots during the review process with the client and let them know which images we like for the piece of art. Once the client agrees on the image to work with, or gives us leave to create a piece from an image we choose, we take that image and edit it to get it ready to be made into an abstract piece of art. This includes making changes to the lighting, saturation, and contrast. We then bring that edited image into another application and hand draw / paint using the image as a base of the artwork. This can take from one or two hours, to a couple of days to complete depending on the detail in the final piece!

Why Would Anyone Want That?

    When most people get themselves a Boudoir Session, they do it for themselves and / or for their significant other. They usually don’t want anyone else to ever see the images (or at least not some of the racier images). Abstract Art Prints allow those same people to take an image of their liking or even one of the most racy images, get it printed to hang anywhere they would like. They don’t have to worry about anyone figuring out who is in the image or what that image is of (if they so desire). The print can be hung over the fireplace and they will have a unique abstract fine art print with a secret that only those they tell would ever know about!