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   Having an idea of how you are going to display your artwork when you get it home will help you decide which products you will purchase to make your vision come to life when you get your images home! There are so many different ways that you can show off the art you create with us, but we are going to cover only some of those here and we hope you will share your ideas in the comments below! Just as a heads up, some of the links in this post will be affiliate links to products. These links will help me keep adding more posts like this one to help pass on information and chat about photography!

Wall Art

   Wall art is our best seller, whether it is canvas prints, fine art prints on a bamboo cold press rag watercolor paper, Xposer prints on felt matte paper, acrylic prints or just regular photographic prints in a lovely frame. Knowing how you are going to display your wall art is important before you purchase (really before we edit your images!) As you walk around your house, think about where you would like to display your images and what type of image you would like to display there. Most people do not wish to show off nude images of themselves in the living room or den. Though they do enjoy making an abstract fine art nude piece to hang in these areas.

Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints

   There are multiple ways of making wall art from regular photographic prints from 4×5 prints to 16×20 prints. Some of the more fun ones we have found are listed below with links to Amazon!

   Other ways of displaying your wall art are usually set up to hang already like the Acrylic Prints have posts in all four corners that mount to the wall and float the image away from the wall about 3/4 of an inch or so. Canvas prints can be framed or hung on the wall directly. XPoser prints are amazing in that you can change them out on the same frame they come with and mount them extremely easily (usually just one screw!) There is always the fall back of ordering regular prints in just about any size imaginable and putting them in a frame to set on a table or hang on a wall. Usually we suggest getting your amazing images printed on fine art paper rather than photographic paper as it will hold up longer and gives your art a more ‘artistic’ look.

Photo Albums

   Displaying a photo album is rarely thought about beyond setting it on a coffee table or a side table and leaving it there to be opened by a passer-by. Most people won’t open a closed book on a table. If you go to a studio, you will find that at least one album is set up on the table open to a beautiful image that invites you to look through it and see more. One way to do this is just set it up open and let it just hold it self open on whichever picture you would like for that day! Another way is to have an easel to hold it open and lean it back like this Iron Scroll Book Easel. Another way would be to set it up on its own easel in your bedroom or den depending on who you would like to see the album on something like this Wooden Display Easel.

Seductive Art Album

Seductive Art Album

   That covers some of our ideas for how to display your art, be it family photos or boudoir or even fine art nude prints. The whole point of doing a photo shoot of any type is to show off your art in your home or online. If you are on the fence about doing a Boudoir Photo Session you should read our What is Abstract Boudoir post to get a better idea of an alternate way to display images that are of such a personal nature even in a highly trafficked area of your home such as the living room!

We hope that you will take the time to share with us and our readers your ideas for how to share your photographs with friends or even the world! Can’t wait to see them!