I got to do a photo shoot with a lovely young model named Abby Div (Link to model mayhem) a couple of weeks ago. As it so happens I had taught a class on working with models the day before! It was interesting as some of the questions and what I had taught was still fresh in my mind and allowed me to compare that with the experience the next day and even discuss some of it with Abby to get her view on the matter as we talked during the shoot!

Meeting and the Pre-Shoot Talk


So as it usually starts, Abby had some trouble with her Uber driver not being able to find the studio. She ended up being only about 5 minutes late, and they were in the right area about 10 min early! They just drove around a few times! Hehe But, that is alright, 5 minutes is nothing and it was worth the wait as you will see!


Abby came prepared with her clothing, makeup, etc and a LOVELY attitude! I helped her with her bag and invited her into the studio. She had a seat on the couch after I showed her around the studio quickly (It isn’t a large studio so it wouldn’t take much longer than quickly!) Once she was settled in and comfortable, we talked about the shoot and various details that we hadn’t discussed over email or on the phone.


While she sat and went through the clothing , shoes, makeup and accessories she brought with her, we discussed how the shoot was going to go. I moved lights and modifiers around based on the ideas we were coming up with and commented on lingerie sets she has with her. We talked about which pieces of lingerie would be sued for each shot. I also gave her a copy of the model release that I generally used for her to go over and update if there was anything out of place for this particular shoot, which there wasn’t . Then we both decided on a shot to try first and the outfit for it. She went to get changed while I finished up the lighting and the backdrop.

The First Couple of Shots


The first couple of shots that we took we were just getting to know each other and how we both work. We were testing the light and seeing how she moved. She was good, very good. She would pose, wait for the lights and then move a little changing the post slightly and wait for the light again. She didn’t have to be coached at all once a pose was decided on.


After that we played with the lighting to try more dramatic feel like the title photo at the top of this page. She had kept her hair up in braids for the whole shoot, which was nice. It was something different that most models don’t do, especially for this type of shoot, but it worked great! She was very cute in her braids as you can see in that photo!


After working through a full set of poses we had a pretty good idea about how we both worked and were comfortable with each other. We tried a shoot with one of my portable lights behind a door, with the door slightly open with Abby against the wall in a sliver of light. It took a little time to get the positioning right and nice again, she just moved through different poses like she did the time before. It was beautiful and we got a few really good shots!

Commercial Shoot

After about thirty minutes of shooting against the wall, we discussed doing some of the implied nudes that we had discusses in e-mails before the shoot, but I had another thought in mind after meeting her and seeing her outfits. I had her change into a tank top with spaghetti straps, thin black panties and stockings. I sat her down on a short chair I usually use to sit on during shots. Put an empty tumbler and a bottle of Jack Daniels on a table in front of her. The images she produced for this shot were epic!

Abby against the wall with a sliver of light coming through the door

I loved one of the shots we got during this shoot that I cleaned it up a little and added some wording to the photo, then printed it out 30x40 inches on a beautiful satin / felt paper and mounted it on a Xposer Frame from Bay Photo. It came out AWESOME! I mounted it at the studio right behind my desk! Below is the image we started with.

Abby sitting behind a bottle of Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select adjusting ther stockings

After we had a bunch of shots with the setup above we waited a few minutes until the rain had stopped outside. The next shot would require me putting one of the lights outside and shooting it through the window and the blinds with Abby on the inside kneeling on couch to get various shots with the window light, making it look more like early morning on early evening.

Abby lit thought the window in black and white with red lipstick!

The images we got here were really bad at first, getting the lighting through the window to be bright enough on Abby that we could make the background go away since the walls in the studio are white. The light coming through the window would be bright enough to light Abby but would also light the walls. It took a lot of setup to get the lighting right to light Abby and not the walls, but we were able to get it and get a couple of images.

She was interested in the selective color. So, one of the shots we got I moved over to black and white and then turned the lips back to the red they were before the switch. I think that it came out really nice! The image here is a smaller version of it! Let me know what you think about it!

That was it for the shoot as we were reaching our two hours that we had agreed on. I started putting things away and moving things around back to normal, putting the table and the bottle away and what not while she got dressed back into the clothes she came in and put away everything she had used.

She called her uber to pick her up to leave. We waited around for another 10 or 15 minutes after she signed the model release and we chatted about various things that we tried and things we would like to try the next time that we got the chance to get together! I can’t wait to shoot with her again and see what else we can come up with!

Abby standing pretty with her heels in her hand

Abby standing with her heels in her hand posing pretty for the camera. She was so easy to work with and just naturally moved into poses without very much coaching at all!

“Abby is a wonderful person and a beautiful model! We had a wonderful time at her shoot! She was full of ideas and really knew how to move to find the light! Can’t wait to shoot with her again!”

Chad Naujoks

Photographer, Model Mayhem