Carrie Photoshoot!

I got the chance to shoot with Carrie not too long ago and she was a little shy to have her face photographed. But, she started having a lot of fun about half way through and loosened up a bit. She had a great time and it turned out to be a wonderful shoot! She wanted...

A Day Out with the Sony RX10 III

Hello Everyone! Welcome back! Well I should be saying, I’m Back! It has been a little while since I last posted an entry on here and I have been really busy with projects ranging from books, to websites to new photo shoots! This post though I am going to talk about a camera that I just got as a challenge to myself. The Sony RX10 III. It is a bridge style camera (non – interchangeable lens). More on its specs below, right now I want to talk about why I got it.

The New Year

Welcome to the new year! Things that are going on with the studio and photo shoots. The problem about my fitness and how it is effecting my photography and what I am doing about it! Join me!

New Website

New Website

Well, the first draft of the new updated website is done! I wasn’t happy with the capabilities of the last one and just decided to go back to things that I knew! I hope that everyone loves the new site and keeps up with the changes as they happen over time! The...