This past weekend I had the pleasure of doing another photo shoot with Keira Fox! She is a beautiful young model from Norfolk, VA. This was our second shoot together, and it was just as fun as the first! This past weekend I had the pleasure of doing another photo shoot with Keira Fox! She is a beautiful young model from Norfolk, VA. This was our second shoot together, and it was just as fun as the first!

About a month ago, Keira contacted me through Model Mayhem. She was replying to a model call I put up there and our first shoot was a paid shoot based on that model call. I loved working with her, she was fun, light, great personality, and very easy in front of the camera. She started modeling around December of 2016 and has come such a long way since then. She is a beautiful model as you can see in the images we were able to get together and she loves being in front of the camera

Our first shoot was done as a Lingerie and implied nude shoot. We were able to get a good number of amazing images and I loved the way she worked in front of the camera. She has a great body and looks beautiful in lingerie! This led me to asking her if she wanted to try to make a poster to put up in a local Vape Shop. She was excited about the shot and we worked on this shot as our last scene for the shoot. The image for the shop came out amazing and we were able to get it put up in Beach Vapor’s General Booth location. The manager and the owner of the store loved how the poster turned out and are hoping for more in the near future!

As I mentioned earlier, this was our second shoot this past weekend and was done as time for print, or time trade however you want to call it. We again had a great time and this was a shoot to help add a few shots that she didn’t have to her portfolio. She had never shot any poses on a plain white background and I love shooting high key! Most of the shots were just portraits and poses in a faux leather body suit and a pair of black heels. During this shoot she made a comment about having a rifle, so we grabbed the SV 98 Sniper Rifle I happened to have at the studio and put her behind that. The images came out great! Loved the whole idea! Again, this shoot was just one of the more fun shoots that I have done in an oftly long time!

She also had one of her favorite stuffed animals “Whiskey” the dog and we did a bunch of fun shots with her and “Whiskey” making some oftly cute images with and without her wearing little grey and purple fox ears that I happened to have lying around! Can’t get much cuter! She was adorable, and with the images here in the post I am sure you will all agree!

Abby against the wall with a sliver of light coming through the door
Abby sitting behind a bottle of Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select adjusting ther stockings

I can’t wait to see what our next shoot turns out! And I hope to be able to submit a few of the images from the past two shoots to some modeling magazines! We will have to see how that turns out and I will surely let you all know if we get her published anywhere! I have also started work on a video of my workflow and will most likely be using one of Keira’s photos in the video as to how I work on an image from lightroom, to photoshop and maybe even through painter pro if I decide to make the photo into a painting! Once the video is ready I will post that here and on youtube as usual!

Abby lit thought the window in black and white with red lipstick!

One more thing before I close up this blog post! Keira has a patreon page that I think you should all check out! If you love her photos here you will love to see more there. She even ofers to send signed 8x10 images to her monthly subscribers! There are other benefits as well but you need to go over there and check it out to find out what they are! Help her out! These donations help her pay for hotels and travel expenses to get her in front of more photographers and help build her portfolio!

That is about it for now! Have a wonderful day and may all your images be sharp!

Abby standing pretty with her heels in her hand

Keira Fox standing sexy with her fur coat and panties, teasing us all with her beautiful body.

“Keira is a beautiful woman with an even more beautiful personality! It was a pleasure working with her and I love the images that we were able to create together! I would recommend her for any photo project you may have! Can’t wait to work with her again in the near future!”

Chad Naujoks

Photographer, Model Mayhem