Digital art can be created from nothing or start with a photo. There are all kinds of different styles of art. The ones I love the most are those created from portraits and those painted by hand!

Portraits are some the the most fun shoots that I get to do! I love meeting new people and working to make sure they get the images they are after and possibly do some digital art for them to hang on their walls!

Model Portfolios take a lot of time and work as there are so many shots that you have to get in different outfits, makup, hair, locations, lighting etc. It is one of my favorite things to work on and creating Zed Cards / Comp Cards!

Boudoir and Erotic Art are both very personal types of photography. I enjoy showing people that they are all beautiful and working with them to get images they will cherish and will help them see how beautiful they can be!

Classes and Tutorials are ways that I can teach others how to do new things with photography! Not everyone knows how to use a camera to the fullest, or lighting, or photoshop! There are many topics that I have in mind for tutorials coming soon!