Digital Artwork

Digital Art Portraits

Editing photographs is one of the things that I love doing! I am always looking for new ways to create art from portraits. One of my favorite styles is the ink portrait. It is a beautiful rendition of the portrait. Smoke is another favorite of mine, giving the same style of look as ink, but whispy! As I said earlier, I am always looking at new ways of creating digital art from portraits for my customers and models!

Digital Artworks

Various images lend themselves to creating digital art! Still Life, Nature, Arial Photos all are great images to work with for digital edits and artistic renders. These works of art are usually done by hand and with filters to completely change the feel of the image and create something new.

Digital art is completely subjective. There is no one way to edit an image to create art. The original image itself is considered art in some cases. Creating a piece of art from a digital image can sometimes take weeks to get right, or to make something that is what the customer would like to hang in their home. This process can go through many different iterations of the art before finally getting to the render that the customer will like. This process can be very time consuming and is often rather expensive depending on the level of edits required to get to the art that the customer is searching for.

This is one of the types of work that I really enjoy working on with my customers. To create something that is completely unique, that will only be for that customer and they can be proud to show in their home or office.

If you are interested in creating a piece of art for your home or office, please contact us and we will work with you to get the artwork you are after and will love to show off to your friends.