Solo / Family Portraits

Solo Portraits

Working with one person for portraits is kind of a rare thing, usually if it is just one person they are looking for model shots or head shots for their portfolio or for work. There are some people that would like to have solo shots for their boyfriend / girlfriend or husband / wife. These are usually the hardest shots to get because the person is usually scared to be in front of the camerea or not sure what they would like to get on film. I usually enjoy working with customers on solo portraits since it is a challenge and the clients are so happy with the outcome and the whole process.

Family Portraits

Working with familys and groups on portraits is usually a really fun time! Talking with the whole family and playing around during the shoot while we move from spot to spot or to different poses and layouts for the photos is always a great time! The family always loves the outcome and being able to share that with their friends is something that most families love to do. A lot of the families also love to print the images rather large and sometimes on canvas to hang over the fireplace. I love that people like the images I help to create so much!