Well it has been quite a while since I have updated this blog! There is a very good reason for that! I hope you will forgive me! I have been focusing all of my efforts and time on the Modeling Light Magazine! Since about July I had been building the Modeling Light Magazine website, and putting together the team that would make it a reality! We have come a long way in a really short time! On December 13th we released the first quarterly issue of the magazine! You can get your copy, either print or digital by clicking on the cover image to the right. We have already started work on the next 2 issues! Creating a magazine is an extreme amount of work, very stressful and amazingly fun! I hope you all find it to be helpful, informative and most of all, alluring!

This coming year we will continue working on the Magazine to make it the best out there for models and photographers as well as those who help make photo shoots possible! There are so many things that neww models and photographers need to know and misconceptions out there that everyone should be aware of. As a photography studio, and someone that has been working with models for more than 15 years, there is so much that I personally have seen, or have heard about from other photographers and models that Modeling Light Magazine is going to bring out and share with the industry. This is going to be Beach Breeze Studios main focus this year.

As a studio, I have started working on expanding my abilities! I have always loved the artistic side of photography, the digital art side of things, abstract, post processing and making the normal photograph something completely different and amazing. My next adventure is going to be in Composites! I will be working with various models and even just inanimate objects over the next year to create some composite art to try to sell as well as some more Boudoir Abstracts for sale on Beach Breeze Art. There are so many things that are up in the air with the art, the magazine and the studio it is fun, exciting and amazingly stressful at the same time!

Over the past year I have found that I have been shooting a lot of images with no end goal in mind. I have just been shooting to shoot. This has created a problem for me as the shots come out great for the model, or even for a portfolio, but they can’t be used in anything outside of just a beauty shot. This has given me the chance to go in and do a full beauty retouch from the ground up, which is great for photoshop practice, but how can I use the images for composites or in a magazine or for tutorials or what not! This year I will be working on making sure I have a goal and idea in mind before doing any photoshoots! I will be working on the magazine a lot this year, but I will try to be sure to do shoots as well!

Another thing that I may do is a 52 week photography challenge! With everything I have going on I may not be able to do all of them, but it is a challenge right?! I hope that each week I will do what I think works for a challenge and share it on here. Not sure what they will be or how they will come out each week, but it may be  a fun thing to try out even if it is just a few minutes to get a photo each week!  We will see how it works out!

So, this year is going to be extremely busy! I hope to keep you all updated and share with you evertyhing that goes on! If you are a photographer or model or anyone that has anything to do with the modeling industry and you want to be featured in the magazine, please feel free to fill out the submission form over there at the Modeling Light Magazine Website!!

Have a great start to the next wonderful year!